Cuidado de sí y “familiaridad” en el estoicismo: ¿Cuán egoísta y cuán altruista es la ética estoica?


  • Marcelo D. Boeri



Marcelo Boeri, oikeiosis, stoicism


Self-care and “oikeiosis:” how egoistic or altruistic is Stoic ethics?

Self-care is a Platonic issue whose main focus is on the care of the soul. The author of this essay suggests that the Stoics reinterpret the problem of selfcare through their doctrine of oikeiosis, according to which the first impulse of the human animal consists in egoistic self-preservation which later, when rationality bursts forth, can be reoriented toward an altruistic approach. In this second stage of oikeiosis, the author claims, the human being continues to think of his or her self-interest, but the latter can now be integrated into a concern for the other. Stoicism’s contribution to the problem of self-care, understood in terms of the theory of oikeiosis, is the relevance of the social dimension that such care acquires.