Der <i>Emotional turn</i> in den Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften aus der Perspektive Max Schelers


  • Joachim Fischer



Alfred Schütz, Max Scheler, Sociological Theory/Social Philosophy, Emotional Turn


The emotional turn in the humanities takes place to a great extent without taking Max Scheler into consideration, even if he is the real theorist of emotions as the basis of the social-cultural lifeworld. The background for this constellation is that Scheler has lost his status as a classical author of sociology already years ago – in favour of Alfred Schütz and his rational approach. Due to this starting point the paper deals with two issues: (1) It reconstructs the Emotional turn (without Scheler), its performance and its reasons; (2) it reconsiders Scheler’s theory of emotions for a foundation of the cultural und social world and its analysis of the modern world. The paper collects Scheler’s different relevant texts and assembles them to a virtual Scheler-book on the „Emotional turn“, which could have made the Emotional turn sustainable.