Anthropogenese. Hunger nach Geburt und <i>Sharing</i> der Gefühle aus Max Schelers Perspektive


  • Guido Cusinato



Person, Sharing of Emotions, Max Scheler, Philosophical Anthropology, Care, Phenomenological Psychopathology, Anthropogenesis, Bildung, Social Ontology, Phenomenology of Otherness


In this article I develop two arguments, taking Max Scheler’s phenomenology as a starting point. The first one is that emotions are not private and internal states of consciousness, but what makes us come into contact with the expressive dimension of reality, by orienting our placement in the world and our interaction with others. The second thesis is that some emotions have an “anthropogenetic” nature that is at the roots of the ontology of a person and of social ontology: it is through practices of “sharing” certain emotions that the humanity has been born and that the various forms of social realities are established. In accordance with one of María Zambrano’s phrases, I propose to trace these anthropogenetic emotions back to the «hambre de nacer del todo» («hunger for being fully born») of a being that never stops being born again.