«Schöpfung des Geistes in die wolkenhafte Materie der Empfindung». Schelers Theorie von der Sublimierung des Lebens


  • Hans Rainer Sepp




Sublimation of Life, Spirit and Life, Max Scheler


Scheler’s understanding of the sublimation of life can explain his theory of the spirit as setting free from the vital sphere. Regarding his reflections on sublimation, in his edited works one can find only some remarks dotted about here and there, though the conception of sublimation does not only oppose to the naturalisation of mind but is also linked with further central moments of Scheler’s philosophy: with basic elements of his metaphysics, his theory of compensating cultural differences, and, above all, the relation of life and spirit in itself. The aim of this article is to bring Scheler’s scattered remarks on sublimation into a systematic connection. The leading point of view of such systematization is marked by the question about the relevance of the topic of sublimation for the whole conception of Scheler’s thinking. In this way, the explanation of the systematic place of sublimation in Scheler’s philosophy is able to demonstrate the systematic coherence of his work itself. Thus the central question is how, and to what extent, the theory of sublimation can unveil the specific relationship of spirit and life.