• Guido Cusinato


Guido Cusinato, Max Scheler Gesellschaft, Ordo Amoris,


This volume is based mainly on the papers presented during the 13th conference of the Max Scheler Gesellschaft, which took place in Verona, Italy, from 27th to 30th May, 2015, with the title «Ordo Amoris and World-Openness. Philosophy of Emotions and Process of Individuation of the Person».

At the core of the debate in this volume, there is a critical and intensive confrontation with the phenomenology of feeling by Max Scheler and its potentiality for the so-called emotional turn. The perception of the importance of emotions changed radically during the decade from 1987 to 1996. This was particularly due to some works that reached the general public, such as R. De Sousa (1987), A. Damasio (1994), D. Goleman (1995) and J. LeDoux (1996). Before 1987 the dominant idea was that emotions should be considered as private and internal states of consciousness. [...]