La cura di sé come ‘agatofanía’. Esperienza del Bene e autotrascendimento nell a filosofia di Platone.


  • Salvatore Lavecchia



Salvatore Lavecchia, Platone, Agathophania


Self-care as ‘Agathophania’. Experience of the Good and Self-transcending in Plato’s Philosophy

Plato’s notion of cura sui shows an eminently relational dimension that has not yet been adequately emphasized. The cura sui can be namely realized at its highest level only through experience of the Good, that is of the reality originating the self towards which the cura is oriented. This experience presupposes indeed a transformation of the person into an image of the Good, which implies the constitution of a radically relational identity, established beyond the opposition between the self and the other. Unrestricted self-givingness is a priority requirement in order to attain an identity so disposed. Unconditional self-giving and self-manifestation is in fact the priority connotation of the Good in Plato’s perspective. Becoming an image of the Good, which means fulfilling the cura sui, entails therefore the most profound form of self-transcendence, where the self is metamorphosed into an unlimited space for the manifestation of the other.