«Dio onora talvolta l’opportunità dell’inganno» (Dissoi Logoi 3.12)

L’intreccio tra kairos e inganno in dialogo con Gorgia e Platone


  • Francesca Eustacchi Università degli Studi di Macerata




kairos, deceit, practical effectiveness, Plato, Gorgias


This essay explores the semantic richness and practical applications of two concepts: kairos and deceit, through a meticulous analysis of their various manifestations. Regarding the notion of deceit, we will delve into the concepts of falsehood, error and fascination. As for the concept of kairos, we will emphasize its connection to the ideas of opportunity and appropriateness in both practices and behaviours. This research primarily focuses on Sophistic and Platonic texts, which provide valuable material for reflection. These texts enable us to clarify the meaning and theoretical utility of each concept under examination and to explore their intriguing and interconnected relationship. The interplay between kairos and deceit manifests in diverse realms such as ethics, rhetoric and art, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of praxis at every level of consideration.