Diaskopèin e mythologhèin

Platone e il tempo e oggetto di ciò ch’è un bel rischio credere


  • Linda Napolitano




kairòs, Plato, measure, self-care, reasoning, narrating


Recent reflection on uncertainty overlooks and even misunderstands Plato’s thought. Faced with a complex world, he definitely admits the presence of kairòs, whose literary and iconographic images are already established. He forces the arts (tèchnai) to grasp it by calculating not only external measures of objects, but also those «pertaining to the essence of generation» (Pol. 283d). Seizing this ‘right moment’ is even more complicated in the interpersonal relationships and goes back to the care (epimèleia) of oneself and of others. According to the intense words of Socrates before his death in the Phaedo (61d, 114d), reasoning together (diaskopèin) is not enough: also an ability is always requested from us to tell our own story (mythologhèin) and to welcome those of others as well. Only this way we can run the risk, time by time, of believing the truth, feeling the good, judging and acting the right.