The formality of taking Place

Evoluzione creatrice, arte e psicopatologia


  • Rocco Ronchi Università degli Studi dell'Aquila



given totality and open totality, dynamic pattern, evolution, trend, chora


The fundamental insight of Bergsonian Creative Evolution is the ‘open totality’. The error of ‘scientific’ cosmology, on the other hand, is to conceive of the totality as a given totality. It treats the whole (the universe) as if it were an isolated, closed system. In Creative Evolution, Bergson interprets the openness of the whole as a ‘tendency’ that splits into diverging lines. How, then, is the unity of the tendency to be conceived in its splitting, a unity which does not exist before the divergence, but which is the event of the divergence, which is its ‘taking place’? Art and psychopathology provide a ‘mediating image’ of the creativity of the Whole and introduce us to a theory of pure experience that will be the subject of a ‘new physics’ indeterminism.